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Doria Bucaneve Bag, 14 oz | 400 g

Doria Bucaneve Bag, 14 oz | 400 g

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Fragrant shortbread biscuits with delicious drops of white icing, unique and inimitable for their goodness: discover the Bucaneve! An unmistakable flavor and a super crumbly texture made this biscuit an icon and in 1950 marked Doria's success.

History, inventiveness and authentic flavor are the soul of these biscuits, characterized by the shape of the Snowdrop flower (from which they take the name), a winter flower that blooms in the snow at the end of the cold season.

Ideal for a light break, perfect to be soaked in milk and made of genuine ingredients to provide everything you need to start the day with the right amount of vitality.

Each Bucaneve is a sweet specialty, it is a flower that smells of good, simple and natural ingredients. Bring a delicious and delicate bouquet to your pantry!

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