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Cav. Giuseppe Cocco

Cav. Giuseppe Cocco Pasta Angel Hair, 17.6 oz

Cav. Giuseppe Cocco Pasta Angel Hair, 17.6 oz

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Giuseppe Cocco Angel Hair Pasta is an exquisitely thin Italian rod-shaped pasta formed into long strands. Made with superior ingredients, this angel hair pasta cooks in just about 5 minutes!

Pasta is an indispensable part of Italian gastronomy; however, it might come as a surprise that its origins are shrouded in mystery. While most are convinced, it was born in Italy; some believe Marco Polo was the one who brought pasta back from China! Nonetheless, Italy is the pioneer who revolutionized pasta. With more than 400 known pasta types, there's one for everyone! You can discover new favorite shapes and flavors in our carefully curated collection of Italian pasta - from Bronze Die Cut to classic spaghetti; we have everything!

Giuseppe Cocco is an Italian pasta brand dedicated to creating some of the most exquisite Italian delights since 1916! Founded by Domenico Cocco, who devoted his life to producing superior quality products, the Giuseppe Cocco pasta brand maintained its tradition throughout the decades. Made with mountain durum wheat semolina, spring water, and fresh air to ensure a unique drying process, Giuseppe Cocco pasta is brought to you in a wide range of options, many of which and more can be found in our online Italian grocery store!

Angel Hair Pasta by Giuseppe Cocco makes a perfect pasta for using simple light sauces and vegetables. Enjoy it with seafood ingredients such as scallops, or simply toss it with tomatoes, garlic, and herbs!

  • Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water. Contains wheat ingredients
  • Product Weight: 17.6 oz. (500g)
  • Product of Italy
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