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Ceriello Homemade Marinara Sauce, 15 oz

Ceriello Homemade Marinara Sauce, 15 oz

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Ceriello Marinara sauce is made with fresh plum tomatoes which are crushed by hand, seasoned with fresh herbs, and then simmered to blend the flavors. It is excellent with stuffed pasta such as ravioli and stuffed shells.

Ceriello Sauces are made with the very best San Marzano tomatoes - imported from Italy, they are sun-ripened and have a unique sweet-tart flavor. No preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors go into Ceriello sauces. You would never know it came from a jar!

Net content: 15oz / 425gr

Ingredients: tomatoes, celery, onions, garlic, olive oil, basil, parsley, salt, black pepper, spices, red pepper.
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