About Us

In late 1960’s Angelo Zagreda fled from his home country to follow the American Dream he had longed for. Angelo had a passion for his culture, his food and his people, which all led him to open an Albanian Market on Arthur Avenue. Under the communist regime, it was very difficult to import the products he was familiar with.
Angelo began substituting the products he knew for other versions from different Balkan countries. He wanted to give him and all of the other immigrants chasing the same dream a little piece of home.
Angelo is survived by his children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. Alexandra, Angelo’s great granddaughter, opened Dua Gourmet Market on march 26, 2022. With the same passion and dream as her great-grandfather, Alexandra too wants to bring together products from several countries that all Eastern Europeans and Italians know and love. Alexandra says it’s important to remember where we come from and the best way to stay in touch with our roots is by food and passion.