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Bartolini Extra Virgin Rosemary Oil, 8.4 fl oz

Bartolini Extra Virgin Rosemary Oil, 8.4 fl oz

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Bartolini Extra Virgin Olive Oil w/ Rosemary

The simple way of making our dressings is to knowingly adding flavors to the extra virgin olive oil, the following filtering process and the addition of part of the ingredients used.

Advised to flavor grilled or broiled meat and fist, roasted or boiled potatoes, pizza, buns soups, and dished based on cereals and vegetables.

A few drops of our flavored oils are sufficient to give dishes a unique taste, without altering their natural one.

  • Net Weight: 8.4 fl oz | 250 ml
  • Prouduct of Italy
Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rosemary, Rosemary natural Flavor.
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